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By: Debbie Baird, Dynasty Samoyeds

Sharp Dressed Samoyed
Sharp Dressed Dynasty Samoyed
Floydd's Photo By: Michelle Harris

~General Grooming Info~

One thing you will find about grooming the Samoyed is that everyone has their own way of doing things. Everyone seems to be a little different in finding what works for them. Note: We start getting our dogs accustomed to ALL the grooming routines from day one. With puppies you need to keep the sessions limited to five or ten minutes. Please remember that as you read further along. The latter also applies to the older or rescue dog that has never been introduced to a grooming session. Patience and a lot of praise, while being firm, is the key I have found. There is no need for heavy handling a Samoyed or raising your voice in anger in my opinion and especially with a puppy. Being firm and being heavy handed are two different things. Dogs tend to learn best using praise and a lot of it. In addition, have Patience, Patience, and more Patience! You will be amazed at how fast they learn. AND, how much they will enjoy the grooming sessions with you and you them if the groundwork has been a pleasant experience for them. It is best if you make it a habit of grooming your Samoyed at least once a week with the exception of shedding (blowing coat) periods. You will find that if you continue to do weekly grooming sessions that the time involved will only amount to one to two hours per week.


The grooming section is dedicated to Judyrae Clark, Twilight Samoyeds,
who first taught me how to groom a Samoyed





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